Sample J11 double rider in grey reverse horse butt leather

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J11 double rider in 1.4mm veg-tan reverse horse butt. The leather is blue-grey and has been split on the flesh side to reveal its cordovan shadows.

The jacket features double-stitched lapped seams and patch pockets with a sacrificial frayed interlining which will gradually destroy itself. The jacket also has a non-sacrificial floating linen lining. 

All 4 YKK zip pockets feature raw welt construction and the raw hems are formed from the natural edges of the hides.

The back seam is finished with 4mm .925 silver staples and hand formed silver icons.

Please note that this is very much a sample, more so than our other samples, hence the 75% discount price. The sleeves are a little tighter than we'd normally sell; the stitching isn’t perfectly straight in places; and during the photoshoot the jacket got briefly rained on so it has some water marks. Please email for details or a video.