J05 flayed raglan jacket in black washed horse shoulder (size 52)

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J05 raglan jacket made from a 1.4mm veg-tan washed horse shoulder. The jacket was wet moulded into shape and then fed with animal bone oil until soft.

The lapped strip construction was inspired by the thongs of flayed flesh wielded by the Luperci priests during the pagan fertility festival Lupercalia. All hems are formed from these strips and left uneven using the nature edge of the horse hides.

It features our usual unclipped threads, raw zip welts and riri-zipper but the high-neckline collar of the J05 has been warped and raised to create an intimidating silhouette. The raw-faced in-seam waist pockets are nestled in the lapped seams of the body.

The jacket is half lined in linen with viscose sleeves and dangling cotton seam bindings mirroring the flayed strips of flesh. 

This jacket is a size 52 but due to the wet moulding process it would fit a size 50

Video of the internals