J11 sample double rider jacket in heavy waxed calf suede with .99 silver staples (size 46)

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J11 double rider jacket in a heavy black waxed calf suede. The back has stapled crucifix in .99 silver. This leather came from a closed tannery, so despite the silver staples, we can offer it at good price. 

It features two waist zip pockets and a chest zip pocket along with zip cuffs. The hems were cut unevenly using the edge of the hides and left raw. Finished with a floating lining in linen with viscose sleeves for comfort. 

This leather has been sprayed with a protective coating but, as is often the case with suede, you may experience some dye bleed from this leather initially so be careful around other light coloured fabrics (furniture, trousers etc). You can re-spray the jacket with a suede waterproof coating periodically. 

This piece is a sample due to imperfect stitching along the zip and collar. The stitching does not affect the build-quality, it's just a minor aesthetic flaw.