J05 flayed jacket in blood-stained goat leather (size 52)

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J05 raglan jacket, from our Lupercalia collection, made from goat leather, stained with animal blood and rehydrated with neatsfoot oil rendered from animal bones. It has our usual raw seams, raw zip welts and riri zippers.

Lupercalia was a bloody celebration awash with animal sacrifice and random coupling in the hopes of warding off infertility. The Luperci priests commenced the festival by sacrificing a goat. Once anointed in its blood, they'd cut strips of the goat’s flesh to use as febura, running naked through the streets and whipping anyone within reach. A single febura strike was believed to make a woman fertile.

The flayed construction of this jacket was inspired by the thongs of flesh wielded by the Luperci priests. The brass hardware was object-patinaed in-place allowing the patina to bleed into the leather. 

This jacket is a size 52 but due to the wet moulding process it would fit a size 50